May 2015 Newsletter

26 members and 4 non-members of the Tudors Supporters Club attended our AGM on Tuesday 28th April 2015. The summary of what was discussed and debated at the meeting, along with any changes of club rules/travel rules, is as follows:


  • The Tudors Supporters Club opened the 2014/15 season with a bank balance of £471.51 and closed with a balance of £634.96. Over the course of the season, we spent £6810.00 on coach fees, running 14 coach trips. The income on coach ticket sales was just £4420.00, reiterating the necessity of members contributing an annual membership fee (last season’s membership fee income was £890.00) and participating in our competitions such as Last Man Standing and the football cards we run on coaches (£847.50). We also gratefully received £590 in donations from various fans and people at the club over the season.


  • It was decided to keep the £10 membership fee for the 2015/16 season in order for us to continue providing coaches to away games at a subsidised cost to members.
  • The age of under 21 years to be eligible for free membership has been changed to under 18 years; however people with a valid Student card or a Dacorum Card are now eligible for free membership regardless of age.
  • Fans under 16 years will now require parental consent to become members of the supporters club, to ensure their parent/guardian is aware of the travel rules the child is expected to adhere to.
  • The necessity of photo ID for members was debated, it was decided to keep this policy. However, existing members will have the option for last season’s photo to be re-used for the new season.


  • The rule prohibiting the consumption of alcohol was debated; aside from it being unlawful to have alcohol on coaches destined for football matches (due to the Sporting Events control of alcohol Act 1985) and against the rules of the coach companies we have used, the majority of fans were against relaxing this rule if it was even possible. Therefore, the rule remains.
  • It was suggested that coach departure times are set earlier to allow fans to make more of a day out of the away games. Again, the majority were against this, however we will review the circumstances of each away game individually and if there are games that are suited to making a day out of the occasion (like the trip to Brighton for our game against Whitehawk) then we will at least try to provide some more “jolly” outings next season.
  • We will aim to keep coach prices at £10 for Adults and £5 for Under 16’s (again, changed from Under 21’s). However, there were two notable occasions during 2014/15 when fans were undercharged as £10 was just not enough to prevent Supporters Club funds from being substantially hit. Going forward, we may charge £15 for longer distance travel, pending fees administered by the coach companies.


  • It was pointed out that the Supporters Club has not yet made any attempts to organise a social fundraising event. Depending on suitable ideas and willing volunteers, this is something that we will aim to achieve in 2015/16, with the first suggestion being a Supporters Club Summer BBQ at Vauxhall Road during pre-season.


  • No-one challenged Kevin Hickman’s role as Chairman, Chris Pelling’s role as Secretary or Marc Willmore’s role as Membership Secretary/Treasurer, so all remain in role for 2015/16.
  • We gratefully received more willing volunteers to join the Supporters Club committee, with Simon Burridge being appointed Vice-Chairman, Danny Green Social Secretary and Tony Parrott joining us as a general committee member.
  • Terry Pelling offered his assistance in running coaches to away games, should whichever committee member is managing a particular coach need assistance.

Any other business:

  • Kerry Underwood and Robert Males of club sponsors Underwoods Solicitors were present at the meeting and offered their assistance, should we need it in 2015/16.
  • Going forward, we will aim to promote our supporters club news and travel details with posters and newsletters, this is something that our new Social Secretary Danny Green will initially look in to and maybe something that we can liaise with Underwoods for assistance with.
  • Supporters Club member John Armitt (of RJB Printers) was thanked for his services of providing us with the coach tickets that we sell for our away trips.
  • It was requested that the Football Club is approached on behalf of the Supporters Club and have some points raised which included: a request for supporters club members to receive a bar discount at Vauxhall Road and a request for the football club to pay for one supporter’s club coach away trip as a gesture of goodwill. These matters will be discussed with the Football Club Chairman at the next available opportunity, which may not be before the Football Club AGM later this summer.

The few rule changes suggested and agreed at the AGM have now been updated on the Tudors Supporters Club website at 

You can apply for 2015/16 membership by downloading the form attached to this articleembership by downloading the form attached to this article.2015-16 Application Form