After selling out 38 and then 49 seat coaches, The Tudors Supporters Club has now upgraded to an executive 63 seater for Hemel’s game at Margate this Saturday, 23rd April 2016. If you have previously asked to be added to the waiting list, you have now been allocated a seat; there are currently nine seats remaining. The price of travel is £15 adult members, £20 adult guests, and £10 for juveniles (age 17 and under) and full time students. If you have requested a seat and have since changed your mind, please let us know ASAP so your seat can be offered to someone else – this coach is being run at a significant expense to the Supporters Club and any no-shows will have an impact on the fans funds.

Please email to book a seat.

The Vauxhall Road bar will be open from 10am Saturday morning; although the coach is due to leave at 11am, it would be a great help to the organisers for fans to turn up by 10.30am as there is still a lot of admin to do before the coach leaves – outstanding payments to collect and numerous juveniles consent forms to review.

IMPORTANT: for juveniles aged 17 and under – if you are not already a member and intend to travel with us, you must download and print the TSC 2015-16 Application Form and fill it in with the consent of a parent/legal guardian and present it on the day, otherwise you will not be allowed to travel. (In this instance, a photograph is not required, so ignore that section of the form). 

Please note, we are running this coach at a loss to the TSC in order to keep the travelling cost low for fans (especially Under 18’s) and encourage more of the Tudor Army to travel, so the £20 fee for adult non-members is non negotiable.

Tudors Supporters Club Travel Rules:

  1. No-one will be allowed to travel on Tudors Supporters Club organised transport to away games without first completing a membership form (with photo), it being reviewed and accepted by the club and the member receiving his/her membership card.
  2. A valid membership card must be produced when buying tickets for Tudors Supporters Club organised travel.
  3. Juveniles aged 16 or under are not required to become members if travelling with a parent/guardian who is an existing member.
  4. Non-members can travel as the guest of an existing member on ONE occasion, with the added cost of £5 to the travel fee on that one occasion. This guest must join the Tudors Supporters Club if he/she wishes to travel again. The guests travel ticket must be purchased by an existing Tudors Supporters Club member, the guest must observe the clubs travel rules and rule breaches may jeopardise the membership of the member who purchased their ticket.
  5. Due to the Sporting Events (control of alcohol) Act 1985 – no alcohol is permitted by law onto a hired coach to away games.
  6. Any form of racial or otherwise discriminative behaviour will not be tolerated by Tudors Supporters Club members at games, regardless whether they travelled with the Supporters Club on that occasion or not. In addition to this, threatening words or behaviour, breaching football ground regulations or being in possession of prohibited articles such as weapons, missiles and flares may result in membership being withdrawn indefinitely and/or a report to Police being made. 
  7. Please be respectful of coach departure times. Tudors Supporters Club members usually expect to depart within half hour of a game finishing – do not leave your fellow fans waiting for you. Coach departure times will be decided by whichever committee member is managing the travel for a specific game, based on the feedback and wishes of supporters travelling to that game.