The 2016 Annual General Meeting for the Tudors Supporters Club has been booked at Vauxhall Road for 7pm this coming Tuesday, 3rd May 2016.

The AGM is an opportunity for Supporters Club members to review the clubs actions, events and spending over the last year, for fans to provide feedback and for ideas to be put forward for the club progressing in to 2016/17.

The Supporters Club has run eight coaches to games so far this season, as well as contributing financially towards three minibuses to games organised by TSC members. This season we have also started producing and selling TSC merchandise and we continued fundraising through the Last Man Standing competition (until the Gaming Commission put a stop to it). In total, the TSC spent over £4k of members funds over the 2015/16 season on our various activities and the AGM will be an opportunity for fans to discuss every aspect of how the club is being run.

The AGM is also for the clubs committee to be established; if any existing members of the committee want to resign their roles and if any current members want to put themselves forward for consideration for any of the committee roles, please email in advance of the meeting or inform the TSC Chairman verbally prior to the meeting starting on 3rd May. The current committee is as follows:

  • Chairman: Kevin Hickman
  • Vice Chairman: Simon Burridge
  • General Secretary: Chris Pelling
  • Treasurer: Marc Willmore
  • Membership Secretary: Marc Willmore
  • Social Secretary: Danny Green
  • Youth Member Representative: Vacant
  • General Committee Members: Tony Parrott, Mark Thompson

Finally, the bank the TSC holds an account with insists on us having a proper constitution, instead of a basic set of club rules. A constitution has been drafted and we hope to agree this at the AGM; click here to review it (it’s quite wordy and if fans are familiar with it prior to the AGM then it will save us time on the night) and if any fans have any suggestions for alterations to it then please email in advance of the meeting or inform the TSC Chairman verbally prior to the meeting starting on 3rd May.

Even if you’ve not participated in much TSC travel or activities this season, it would be very much appreciated by the committee if as many fans as possible attend the AGM to offer feedback on the way the club is being run, the way travel is being organised and to discuss/offer ideas to help the club move forwards.