Our 2017 AGM will take place at Vauxhall Road on the evening of Tuesday 2nd May 2017, commencing at 7.30pm. The meeting is probably as important this year as it ever has been, with less travel organised by the TSC for our members this season than previous years – which was one of the main reasons this club was formed in the first place. We’re keen to engage with fans (both members and non-members) to discuss the direction the supporters club is going in, with other initiatives such as “Beard Tax”, Supporters Player of the Month and our Quiz Night to cover, while making sure that the TSC is serving fans in the best way possible and ensuring fans are keen to renew their membership going forward.  We’re very receptive to feedback, comments and suggestions, ultimately this supporters club is in place to serve the needs and desires of the fans, and our AGM’s are the best place for you to have your say.

The AGM is also the time of year for the TSC to decide on the committee for the year ahead. The committee is organised by fans volunteering for roles and their positions being verified by votes (if more than one person is nominated for a specific role) and having eager and keen volunteers is key to the club running well organised travel and events. The current committee as nominated/voted at the 2016 AGM is as follows:

Chairman: Kevin Hickman

Vice Chairman: Kevin Patterson

Secretary: Chris Pelling –

Treasurer: Marc Willmore

Membership Secretary/Social Secretary: Danny Green

Respect Officer: Graham Sherman

General Committee Members: Tony Parrott, Mark Thompson

To assist in smooth running of the 2017, fans interested in joining the TSC committee should email in advance of the AGM, with a deadline of the AGM commencing to provide details. Likewise, existing committee members who would like to step down from the committee of nominate themselves for a different role should also inform in advance.  Click here for a PDF version of the summarised minutes of the 2016 AGM, held at Vauxhall Road on 3rd May 2016.