With the new season underway this week – The Tudors open with a home game against Whitehawk this Saturday – we are keen to push our Beard Tax scheme one last time before the season starts. We have a number of fans who have already set up standing orders or PayPal recurring payments, as well as some fans who have pledged to pay monthly with cash contributions, but we’re now at the stage where we need to clarify that our scheme will generate sufficient funds to run it for the duration of the 2017/18 season. At the moment we’re currently slightly short of our monthly target, however we still have some fans who have expressed their interest but haven’t finalised their details yet.

  • If you have not already set up a standing order from your bank, or a PayPal recurring payment, but intend to do so – please email 
  • If you intend to join in the scheme and pay cash, please contact Kevin Patterson ASAP via Social Media or at Vauxhall Road on match days to clarify the amount you will contribute and to arrange the cash payments.

Further details about our scheme:

Last season our Supporters Club started the “Beard Tax” initiative, a budget boosting scheme in support of Hemel FC whereby fans contribute funds to sponsor a Tudors player. It was one of our success stories on 2016/17, with 17 fans joining in and paying a mixture of weekly, monthly and lump sum contributions that allowed us to sponsor Tudors captain Jordan Parkes. As a show of gratitude for the fans raising money for Hemel FC in this manner, the football club Chairman Dave Boggins offered the TSC two complimentary match entry tickets per home game which allowed “Beard Tax” contributors and their guests to watch The Tudors for free. This scheme was discussed at the TSC AGM in May and it was agreed that we would attempt to run the scheme again in 2017/18, with a target to improve on the funds we raised last season.

Whilst we have a generous group of fans currently involved in the scheme, we’re keen to have new members join in, maybe we can build sufficient funds to sponsor a second player – maybe support the management teams efforts to being in another “marquee” signing. The “Beard Tax” initiative was set up with the hope that fans who pledge to donate funds, do so with commitment for the remainder of the season (so until May 2018). The amount of funds fans contribute individually is discretionary; contributions of any value are considered to be very generous and we want to avoid a situation of any fans feeling obliged to participate – whilst it’s preferable for fans who pledge to see it out for the whole season, any fans who feel they cannot afford to continue contributing or simply just don’t want to, can cease their involvement without any pressure from the TSC.

Beard Tax is banked in the TSC account, with the agreed sponsorship contribution paid to Hemel FC on the final day of each calendar month.  Whether you agree to pay weekly, monthly or up front – your payments can be by any means you prefer. The TSC can accept payments by BACS, PayPal or cheque, contact the TSC for relevant details. Otherwise, TSC committee members Marc Willmore, Kevin Patterson or Danny Green can take your cash payments on Match Days. A Sub Committee has been established to manage the Beard Tax scheme and make relevant decisions; this Sub Committee consists of Kevin Patterson, Andy King and Lee Scott who will make executive decisions about how the scheme is run.

For enquiries, including existing contributors and fans interested in joining the scheme, please visit the Beard Tax section of the TSC website: or email