BEARD TAX, 2018/19

Firstly, a big thank you to all fans who participated in the 2017/18 scheme and especially TSC Chairman Kevin Patterson, who remained keen and robust in collecting cash payments from contributors, right up until June for some outstanding funds. For the fans that still had payments outstanding long after the season ended, thanks to sticking to your commitment and ensuring that the TSC was not left too out of pocket.

We honestly appreciate the generosity of Tudors fans who contribute financially to this scheme, handing over hard earned cash on top of the many other costs associated with following a football team. This has been a successful initiative which has raised nearly £4k for Hemel FC since 2016 which makes the TSC one of Hemel FC’s most important “sponsors”. This scheme has really brought the supporters club and football club closer together, with the fans efforts rewarded with Hemel FC initiatives such as bar/club shop discounts and priority ticket booking for TSC members.  For 2018/19 we are hoping to have a “Beard Tax Members Only” event at Vauxhall Road in partnership with the club, to be confirmed but ideas include pre-match hospitality or a similar event. 

We are keen to run the scheme again in 2018/19. Hemel FC Chairman Dave Boggins has already been approached of our intention to continue sponsoring a player and has been advised that we are likely to offer a reduced amount of money this season. The rationale for this is to lessen the burden of the TSC; five contributors left the scheme mid-season which meant that the amount of money we pledged when starting the scheme was not achievable, we finished the season with a £180 loss. (The scheme luckily had money in the pot left over from last season to cover this and over this summer some fans are still paying in to the scheme to ensure that we have some contingency for next season).

What is Beard Tax?
In September 2016 some Tudors Supporters Club members discussed the possibility of starting a “budget boosting” scheme, with an aim of contributing financially to Hemel Hempstead Town FC and improving the clubs opportunities to sign key players. A brief chat between TSC committee members ensued and some fans opinions were canvassed – and the TSC hastily arranged an initiative (which was nicknamed “Beard Tax” due to the clubs links to King Henry VIII and his own fund raising initiative!) for fans to collectively sponsor specific signings.

How has it worked so far?
With Hemel FC informed of our scheme, the TSC was invited to sponsor Jordan Parkes; our gratefully received involvement supported efforts from the club itself along with club sponsors Underwoods and O’Rourke Personnel, to secure the signature of Jordan – a popular former Tudors caption who fans were keen to see back at Vauxhall Road.

How can fans get involved?
We have a generous group of fans currently involved in the scheme, however we’re keen to have new members join in, maybe we can build sufficient funds to sponsor a second player. The “Beard Tax” initiative was set up with the hope that fans who pledge to donate funds, do so with commitment for the remainder of the season. The amount of funds fans contribute individually is discretionary; contributions of any value are considered to be very generous and we want to avoid a situation of any fans feeling obliged to participate – whilst it’s preferable for fans who pledge to see it out for the whole season, any fans who feel they cannot afford to continue contributing or simply just don’t want to, can cease their involvement without any pressure from the TSC.

How are the funds be managed?
Beard Tax is banked in the TSC account, with the agreed sponsorship contribution paid to Hemel FC on the final day of each calendar month.  Whether you agree to pay weekly, monthly or up front – your payments can be by any means you prefer. The TSC can accept payments by BACS, PayPal or cheque, contact the TSC for relevant details. BACS is preferable as PayPal take a small free from us for each payment, but we acknoweldge that PayPal is very easy for fans to use so we’ll take whatever your preference is. Otherwise, TSC committee members Marc Willmore, Kevin Patterson or Danny Green can take your cash payments on Match Days. The TSC Committee manages the Beard Tax scheme and will make relevant decisions about how the scheme is run.

To set up a PayPal monthly recurring payment of £5, click here

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Other Fundraising:

It is not the current intention of the TSC to conduct fundraising activities specifically for the Beard Tax; we were forced to cease the Last Man Standing competition last season and the monthly prize draw we attempted to run this season didn’t take off, so as it stands no funds are being raised for the travel fund which is the original intention of the TSC being formed. Establishing new fund raising initiatives to subsidise fans away travel remains our priority and the Beard Tax budget boosting scheme will run solely on donations at this stage.

For enquiries, including existing contributors and fans interested in joining the scheme, please email