The TSC is planning to run a fans coach, heavily subsidised by the TSC in order to encourage as many fans as possible to follow The Tudors on the road, to our upcoming away game at Tonbridge Angels on Saturday 14th September 2019.

The coach to will depart the Full House 10:00 and then stop at Vauxhall Road for the convenience of fans who want to be picked up from the football club, with an early arrival in Tonbridge for fans to enjoy refreshments in the town prior to the game. The fee is £15 members (£10 juveniles), £20 non-members.

To book your seats, please speak to TSC Chairman Kevin Patterson via social media, or email

TSC Travel Rules:

By participating in TSC organised travel, members agree to the most recently agreed travel rules, as set out annually at the A.G.M. The current travel rules are as follows:

  • No-one will be allowed to travel on TSC organised transport to away games without either:
    a) Submitting a completed membership application form (with photo), it being reviewed and accepted by the Membership Secretary; or
    b) Being a guest of an existing member and paying a discretionary fee on top of the advertised members travel fee.
  • A valid membership card must be produced when buying tickets for TSC organised travel, unless a card has not yet been issued to the member (for example a new member who is providing a completed membership form and photo at the point of purchasing tickets).
  • Juveniles under 18 (17 and under) are not required to become members if travelling with a parent/guardian who is an existing member.
  • Non-members can travel as the guest of an existing member on TWO occasions. This guest must join the TSC if he/she wishes to travel more than twice. The guests travel ticket must be purchased by an existing TSC member, the guest must observe the clubs travel rules and rule breaches may jeopardise the membership of the member who purchased their ticket.
  • Due to the Sporting Events (control of alcohol) Act 1985 – no alcohol is permitted by law onto a hired coach to away games.
  • Any form of racial or otherwise discriminative behaviour will not be tolerated by TSC members at games, regardless whether they travelled with the TSC on that occasion or not. In addition to this, threatening words or behaviour, breaching football ground regulations or being in possession of prohibited articles such as weapons, missiles and flares may result in membership being withdrawn indefinitely and/or a report to Police being made.
  • Be respectful of coach departure times. Coach departure times will either be printed on the ticket provided to members for each trip, or announced to the passengers upon arrival at the venue.
  • In regards to TSC running a coach without prior ticket sales – with reservations made to pay on the day: if a person fails to turn up for the trip then the TSC may refuse further reservations from that person or insist on advance payment. These decisions are at the discretion of the committee member(s) running subsequent trips.

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