A fundraising scheme has been set up to support Hemel Hempstead Town FC. Whilst reiterating that football must come second to the disruption and hardship to people’s lives during this pandemic, the club also points out that over the last year it has supported so many whether it’s on a Saturday afternoon, through the academy education scheme, walking football, function room, the police hate campaign, Football V Homophobia, Prostate Cancer UK fundraiser or just being a friendly face. Hemel Hempstead Town is a community club and wants to be able to ensure that once it is safe to do so, it can be that support once again.

Naturally income has been affected by the pandemic, with no income generated via match day economy or other functions and this will affect how the club can operate in the coming months. Subsequently, the club has launched a “We’re all in this together” fundraising campaign, with an aim to reward loyalty through an improved season ticket pricing structure as well as discounted matchday tickets throughout the 2020/21 season. This offer will also extend to a special pricing structure for NHS workers to reward them for their heroic efforts during this difficult time. You can donate and read more about the initiative here:

The TSC already operates a fundraising initiative through our “Beard Tax” scheme, which has been running for four seasons as a budget boosting campaign. This season, this initiative ended when football was first suspended in March as it became difficult to take payments from fans participating in the scheme. The TSC committee have discussed the circumstances tonight and we will pledge the March and April payments to the “We’re all in this together campaign”, but this obviously relies on participants paying outstanding contributions – so whilst the value of this could reach £400, this depends on how much we receive. There is of course no obligations for participants to pay outstanding contributions, but if you are part of the scheme and are considering donating to the new “We’re all in this together” fund, please consider doing this via the TSC’s Beard Tax scheme so we can include it in our lump sum payment. To arrange to donate/pay via our scheme please speak to TSC Chairman via Social Media or email us at

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