Fans are reminded that we ceased sponsoring a Hemel Hempstead Town player, as part of our Beard Tax budget boosting initiative, when the league since was initially suspended and then subsequently ended. Some fans have continued to contribute to the scheme with recurring payments staying in place – we have emailed fans but a handful of payments continue to be made to the TSC monthly. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but we’re reiterating the point that if you don’t want to keep paying while there is no football, you need to make your own arrangements for recurring payments to be cancelled. For funds that we continue to receive – these will be banked and will be used for future Hemel FC related initiatives when opportunities are identifed by the TSC committee. Also, we have used some of the funds to contribute towards the recent Hemel FC crowd funding scheme which in turn has so far paid for supplies/materials for ground maintenance at Vauxhall Road over the summer. In regards to whether or not the Beard Tax scheme will support the club by sponsoring a player again in 2020/21, this will be considered once plans for the season are formalised and fans have an opportunity to consider if/how they can contribute to the scheme.

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