We are taking 2020/21 membership applications in anticipation of the new season going ahead and have implemented a “paperless” application system with a simple process that you can follow on either your phone, tablet or computer. Visit our Apply For Membership page for more details. Whilst much the arrangements for next season are still up in the air, taking membership fees is essential for us in securing funds to continue running the TSC and associated initiatives, and fans renewing memberships over the summer is a great help for our Membership Secretary as it prevents loads of applications having to be processed at once when the season gets underway – thank you to all the fans that have already renewed/joined the TSC during the close season so far.

In regards to our “Beard Tax” scheme, which is a budget boosting scheme aimed at helping Hemel Hempstead Town FC that has run successfully for the last five years and so far has paid £6,500 to The Tudors, we are hopeful to run the scheme in 2020/21 to some extent even of it’s a reduced amount that we contribute. This will of course depend on fans willingness to participate in the scheme; between financial hardship brought on by the pandemic and the prospect of fans not being able to attend games/mix socially there may be less people willing/able to contribute but once we’ve a clearer picture of how the new season will progress, we’ll formulate a plan. Click here for more details of this scheme.

As mentioned in a previous post, the TSC committee has deferred the 2020 AGM until details are released about the 2020/21 National League South commencing and Hemel Hempstead Town FC have announced any match day arrangements that could impact on fans. Once all these matters have been clarified, we’ll be in a much better position to discuss the TSC’s role and how we can best serve the Tudor Army and the Football Club.

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