The Tudors Supporters Club is considering a fitness initiative for Hemel fans and the local community. Cardiovascular disease in people aged between 30 and 74 in Dacorum is statistically significantly higher than the averages for England and Hertfordshire and around 50,000 residents aged 50 and above suffer from a long-term health problem or disability. Regular exercise has also been shown to improve your ability to regulate your immune system, which may be essential for avoiding the severe symptoms of COVID-19. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown also hampered a lot of attempts to keep fit and we’re keen to set up training sessions for people who either want to get fit or are returning to fitness. At this stage, we’re considering how this initiative can be funded and what type of sessions we could set up, with one idea being a weekly hour long session on Friday evenings split between fitness training (by a qualified coach) and small sided football. The sessions are not gender specific but will focus on over 30’s seeking to improve a low level of fitness. We want to keep costs for participants to a minimum (and we’d subsidise the costs for TSC members) but we’d need financial backing to get the scheme up and running, mainly to secure a long term block booking for the facility and purchase equipment. In regards to funding, we’re applying for a grant through resources including Dacorum Borough Council’s community grant scheme and the National Lottery community fund and at this stage we await a response. The initiative will also be in partnership with Hemel Hempstead Town FC who will support us through making their astroturf facility available to us and at a favourable rate. We’d be very keen to work in partnership with any local organisations or businesses who would be willing to provide some sponsorship, to help us get the initiative up and running. If this idea is feasible, we’d plan a trial period and if it is successful the initiative would hopefully become financially self sufficient in the long term and not rely on further funding; if the initiative generates enough interest, then the small fee charged to participants should cover ongoing hire of facilities. At this stage, we have received numerous responses to our questionairre and this has been very helpful in our research and preparation – there is still time for you to complete our survey which is at the bottom of this page. Adults should be participating in 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity (raised heartbeat, sweating e.g. brisk walking). It has been scientifically proven that being physically active can dramatically improve an individual’s physical health. It lowers the risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer and of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 50%. It also improves mental health, helping to lower the risk of depression and reduces cognitive decline. Taking part in sport and physical activity can also boost productivity. Physical activity and sports participation can develop a sense of shared purpose and contribute to community cohesion. Sport is successful in bringing people from different communities together and forging strong, new friendships and creating a sense of pride and belonging within their communities.

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