We are now receiving Tudors Supporters Club Membership applications for the 2022/23 season. Click here for our applications page.

For 2022/23 and for the first time since the TSC was formed nine seasons ago, we’ve made the difficult decision to increase fees from £10 to £20. Applications remain free for juveniles and full time students. The rationale for this is that the well publiced increase in the cost of living and in particular fuel prices is going to have an obvious impact on the costs of TSC organised travel. Using last season as an example, we ran eight away trips with travel costs subsidised for TSC members by either £5 or £10 each time. Whilst that provided a fantastic deal for regular travellers who paid a £10 membership fee, the increase in coach hire costs has been impactive on our club funds to the point where we run the risk of running out of money to support future travel. The point of starting this supporters club was to enhance Hemel fans opportunities to follow the Tudors on the road and increase the amount of fans getting behind the team away from home. This remains our priority and we need to increase fees in order to achieve it. For regular travellers, the £20 membership fee still presents a brilliant opportunity to save money over the course of a season.

Aside from the benefits of subsidised travel, Hemel Hempstead Town FC offers TSC members priority booking of advance tickets sales in the event of all-ticket matches that The Tudors play in. TSC members also receive a discount if participating in the Community Kickabout Over 30’s Football sessions.

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