Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct, as per Article 9 of the TSC Constitution.

9.1 The TSC expects that all members shall uphold the aims, ethos and the policies of the TSC, whether this be in any internal forum or elsewhere in any representational role.
9.2 There shall be a general duty upon all members to be aware of their own code of conduct and its effect upon others. These same expectations shall be placed upon all non-members who may be invited to contribute to the affairs of the TSC.
9.3 Members are expected at all times to exhibit a high standard of personal honesty, integrity and reasonable conduct which will not reflect adversely upon the TSC or its aims and objectives.
9.4 Members shall behave courteously and respectfully towards each other at all times. All members are entitled to be heard provided that they do not conflict with this code of conduct.
9.5 Any alleged failure on the part of any member shall be investigated in accordance with Article 3 above and, if proven, it may result in membership termination.
9.6 Every member shall avoid all forms of harassment, victimisation, unreasonable discrimination, abusive or derisive attitude or behaviour towards other individuals or groups. Each member must behave in a manner that does not discredit the TSC.
9.7 Members will support HHTFC and represent TSC in a positive way which does not adversely affect the enjoyment of others. This includes refraining from abusive language or behaviour directed at any football club staff/officials, supporters club committee or members, coach company staff, match officials, supporters or players of any club. This includes behaviour in person or via telecommunications/digital correspondence/social media/internet forums that causes harassment, alarm, distress or fear of violence.