The Constitution of The Tudors Supporters Club

Article 1. Name and Address

1.1 The name of the association shall be The Tudors Supporters Club (herein known as TSC)
1.2 The TSC will have its official address at the home address of the Treasurer, currently: 5 Horselers, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP3 9UH.

Article 2. Aims

2.1 Improve the quantity of Hemel Hempstead Town Football Club (herein known as HHTFC) supporters travelling to away fixtures.
2.2 In the pursuance of Paragraph 2.1, this aim will be achieved by:-

  • Providing well organised travel to away fixtures.
  • Advertising and promoting organised travel to away fixtures.
  • Subsidising organised travel to away fixtures
  • Conducting fund raising activities to allow the subsidy of away travel

2.3 When applicable, the TSC will campaign on behalf of fans of HHTFC to be treated with a quality service and with fairness, both at Vauxhall Road (the home of HHTFC) and at stadiums of our opponents.
2.4 In the pursuance of Paragraph 2.3, this aim will be achieved by:-

  • Providing a support network to supporters of HHTFC.
  • Working closely with the Management Committee and staff of HHTFC.
  • Promoting to Football Clubs the importance of quality service and fairness to their supporters and customers.
  • Working towards improved relations between HHTFC and its supporters.
  • Liaising with other organisations/support groups relevant to football supporters.

2.5 Raise the profile of HHTFC; in particular improve the local community’s awareness of the football club, its match schedules and the facilities on offer.
2.6 In the pursuance of Paragraph 2.5, this aim will be achieved by:-

  • Working towards improved relations between HHTFC and its supporters.
  • Members engaging with the local community verbally and via social media to promote all positive aspects of the Football Club
  • When applicable, promoting HHTFC’s fixture schedule and events with distribution of leaflets and/or posters.

2.7 TSC is not seeking to supersede or influence the Management Committee of HHTFC in regards to the running or organisation of the Football Club.

Article 3. Membership

3.1 Membership is open to all supporters of HHTFC.
3.2 Members must register by completion of an application form in order to enjoy the rights of membership.

3.3 By submitting a membership application form, if accepted the applicant agrees to the most recently agreed membership rules, as set out annually at the A.G.M. The current membership rules are as follows:

  • Membership applications are now “paperless” and completed online only. Applications will not be accepted without a passport style photo – this can include a photograph taken you as long as it is in a clear resolution. Existing members can opt for previously accepted TSC membership card photos to be re-used.
  • Membership applications are considered by the Committee’s Membership Secretary (role currently adjoined to the club Secretary pending a further appointment to the role). The Membership Secretary may consult other committee members and/or the committee of HHTFC when considering applications.
  • The 2020/21 joining Fee is £10 for adults, free for Under 18’s and free for valid Student Card and Dacorum Card holders. Proof of identity/date of birth may be required to clarify the age of an applicant.
  • Juveniles aged under 18 (17 and under) are not required to become members if their intention is to travel with a parent/guardian who is an existing TSC member, however the adult member must purchase their travel tickets.
  • Juveniles aged under 18 (17 and under) require consent of their parent/guardian to join the Supporters Club if they intend to travel without their parent/guardian. Parental consent will feature on the membership application forms.
  • There is no discount on the joining fee for applications submitted later in the season – the fee was decided by unanimous vote at the May 2014 A.G.M. in order to provide funds that contribute towards subsidising travel costs.
  • Photographs and personal data provided by members for the purpose of Membership Cards will be scanned and kept on file for the duration of continued membership. The photograph and personal data is for the purposes of TSC membership card and for maintaining accurate contact details. If a request is made by HHTFC or Police concerned with the prevention or detection of crime or disorder, then the TSC committee will consider sharing photographs and personal data ONLY IF subject to a specific, proportionate and lawful request

3.4 Members shall have the following rights:

  • To vote on membership of the Committee.
  • To stand for office in the Committee.
  • To put items on any meeting agenda.
  • To be given a copy of the constitution.
  • To examine published accounts.
  • To participate in TSC organised away travel.
  • To purchase official TSC merchandise in advance of non-members.
  • To receive discounts, offers and promotions offered to TSC members by businesses/services.

3.5 Membership shall cease at the end of each football season.
3.6 The Committee reserves the right to refuse membership.
3.7 A member of the TSC may be expelled (membership terminated) for breach(es) of the Code of Conduct (see Article 9)
3.8 In pursuance of paragraph 3.6, a member shall be notified in writing as to the breach(s) being alleged against him/her
3.9 A member who has been disciplined in accordance with the procedure above may make a written application to the Chair with supporting grounds in order to appeal against sanction.
3.10 On appeal, the Chair must appoint an independent Appeal Panel of two members to Review the decision of the Committee. The Appeal Panel will be drawn from membership other than the Committee.
3.11 The Appeal Panel will determine its own appeal procedure but will follow the principles of natural justice and fairness.
3.12 The member will be entitled to attend an Appeal Hearing before the Appeal Panel such hearing to be convened within 21 days of the Chair’s receipt of notice of appeal. The member will be entitled to be supported by a friend during the hearing.
3.13 The Appeal Panel will consider the relevant evidence and sanction before determining the appeal. The Appeal Panel may decide one of the following outcomes: 1. Dismiss the previous Sanction; 2. Dismiss the Appeal 3. Substitute a Reprimand in place of the sanction of Expulsion.
3.14 During the appeals process, the individual’s membership to the TSC shall be suspended, including voting rights.

Article 4. Committee

4.1 The management of the TSC shall be conducted by a Committee consisting of:

  • Chairperson (herein known as the Chair)
  • Vice Chair
  • General Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • Social Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Further Executive Members, necessity agreed by the existing Committee (for example, Executive Member appointed to assist or deputise other Committee roles).

4.2 In pursuance of paragraph 4.1, each post holder’s role will be defined by the Committee, which shall be appended in the appendices to this constitution.
4.3 Any member of the Committee may not be absent from Committee duties in the excess of three continuous months. If this occurs, a new committee member shall be voted in to undertake the absent member’s duties, just for the period of absence. This process may be undertaken in the anticipation of a three month absence.
4.4 Any member of the TSC Committee may tender his/her resignation at any time, in writing. The resignation shall be effective from the date it is received.
4.5 Any member of the Committee may be removed from office for any breaches of the TSC Code of Conduct and removal is consistent with the established procedure enunciated in Article 3 (Paragraphs 3.9 to 3.23 inclusive).

Article 5. Business Process of The Executive Committee

5.1 Every member of the Committee shall hold office until the next annual general meeting, unless he or she is suspended or expelled from the TSC in accordance with the disciplinary procedures, or if having for more than six months been absent. During that period the Committee shall resolve that he or she has by reason of such absence vacated office.
5.2 The Committee shall have at least fifty percent present for a quorum and will take decisions on the basis of a simple majority. In the event of an even vote the Chair of the meeting shall have the deciding vote. In the event of a Committee member being absent, they will be excluded from the quorate calculation.
5.3 Any member of the TSC may attend any Committee meeting upon consent of the Chairperson, General Secretary or their deputies, and participate in any discussion without voting rights. Any Committee member refusing attendance of a member will have to report their decision and reasons to the Committee.
5.4 The Committee shall meet a minimum of once every three months. Committee members not attending three consecutive meetings without good reason will be removing themselves from the Committee, after a majority vote of the Committee.
5.5 Minutes will be noted of each Committee meeting.Minutes can be viewed by any member by writing to the Secretary who will arrange an appropriate date and time.
5.6 In exceptional and urgent cases an officer of the Committee may take action as is reasonable and necessary without a vote of the Committee taking into account the interests of the members. The officer will give a report at the next meeting and his/her decision must be ratified or amended by the Committee as it deems appropriate.
5.7 The Committee may appoint such sub-committees as it may from time to time decide are appropriate and determine their powers. Such committees may co-opt non-executive members.
5.8 Extra meetings of the Committee may be called by the Chair or Vice Chair, providing reasonable notice is given to Committee members.
5.9 The Committee may co-opt a member to fill any office which falls vacant and fill any casual vacancy.
5.10 The Committee shall have power to co-opt Associate members having special knowledge or experience to further the Aims of the Association. Persons so co-opted shall hold office as members of the Executive Committee until the end of the General Meeting following their co-option, but will have no power to vote.

Article 6. Election of Committee

6.1 An election of the Committee will be held annually at the annual general meeting (A.G.M.) of the TSC. The term of office will run until the next A.G.M. (usually held within 12 months of the last A.G.M.)
6.2 At least one calendar month notice will be given of an election.
6.3 The nomination process will cease at the commencement of the A.G.M.
6.4 All nominees must propose themselves either in writing to the General Secretary or verbally at the commencement of the A.G.M.
6.5 All candidates for election to the Committee will be sent out to all full members at least one calendar month before the election date.
6.6 Ballot papers must also be sent out one calendar month before the election date. Votes may be cast by electronic balloting form.
6.7 The method of voting will be a show of hands, counted by the General Secretary (or, in his absence, another Committee Member as designated by the Chair), of members present at the A.G.M.

Article 7. Finances

7.1 The Treasurer shall submit a statement of accounts for the last financial year to the Annual General Meeting. Before submission to the AGM, the accounts will be audited by the General Secretary.
7.2 Any member may request in writing (or verbally at the A.G.M.) an audit of the accounts by an independent accountant; under these circumstances such accountant must not be a member of the TSC and the process will require the authorisation of the TSC Chair, who when considering the request will take in to account the applicants rationale for making the request and any subsequent Accounting costs the TSC is likely to incur before deciding whether to approve or refuse the request.
7.3 One authorised signatory, namely the appointed Treasurer, shall sign all cheques and manage the TSC statements/online banking.
7.4 The Financial year of the TSC shall commence annually on the day following the A.G.M.

Article 8. Constitution Amendments

8.1 The constitution can only be amended when a meeting has been called which all the Committee have been given the opportunity to attend. Normal voting rules will apply.

Article 9. Code Of Conduct

9.1 The TSC expects that all members shall uphold the aims, ethos and the policies of the TSC, whether this be in any internal forum or elsewhere in any representational role.
9.2 There shall be a general duty upon all members to be aware of their own code of conduct and its effect upon others. These same expectations shall be placed upon all non-members who may be invited to contribute to the affairs of the TSC.
9.3 Members are expected at all times to exhibit a high standard of personal honesty, integrity and reasonable conduct which will not reflect adversely upon the TSC or its aims and objectives.
9.4 Members shall behave courteously and respectfully towards each other at all times. All members are entitled to be heard provided that they do not conflict with this code of conduct.
9.5 Any alleged failure on the part of any member shall be investigated in accordance with Article 3 above and, if proven, it may result in membership termination.
9.6 Every member shall avoid all forms of harassment, victimisation, unreasonable discrimination, abusive or derisive attitude or behaviour towards other individuals or groups. Each member must behave in a manner that does not discredit the TSC.
9.7 Members will support HHTFC and represent TSC in a positive way which does not adversely affect the enjoyment of others. This includes refraining from abusive language or behaviour directed at any football club staff/officials, supporters club committee or members, coach company staff, match officials, supporters or players of any club. This includes behaviour in person or via telecommunications/digital correspondence/social media/internet forums that causes harassment, alarm, distress or fear of violence.
9.8 By participating in TSC organised travel, members agree to the most recently agreed travel rules, as set out annually at the A.G.M. The current travel rules are as follows:

  • No-one will be allowed to travel on TSC organised transport to away games without either:
    a) Submitting a completed membership application form (with photo), it being reviewed and accepted by the Membership Secretary; or
    b) Being a guest of an existing member and paying £5 on top of the travel fee.
  • A valid membership card must be produced when buying tickets for TSC organised travel, unless a card has not yet been issued to the member (for example a new member who is providing a completed membership form and photo at the point of purchasing tickets).
  • Juveniles under 18 (17 and under) are not required to become members if travelling with a parent/guardian who is an existing member.
  • Non-members can travel as the guest of an existing member on TWO occasions, with the added cost of £5 to the travel fee on both of those occasions. This guest must join the TSC if he/she wishes to travel more than twice. The guests travel ticket must be purchased by an existing TSC member, the guest must observe the clubs travel rules and rule breaches may jeopardise the membership of the member who purchased their ticket.
  • Due to the Sporting Events (control of alcohol) Act 1985 – no alcohol is permitted by law onto a hired coach to away games.
  • Any form of racial or otherwise discriminative behaviour will not be tolerated by TSC members at games, regardless whether they travelled with the TSC on that occasion or not. In addition to this, threatening words or behaviour, breaching football ground regulations or being in possession of prohibited articles such as weapons, missiles and flares may result in membership being withdrawn indefinitely and/or a report to Police being made.
  • Be respectful of coach departure times. Coach departure times will either be printed on the ticket provided to members for each trip, or announced to the passengers upon arrival at the venue.